Monday, June 21, 2010

FOGSL checklist on BUBO Listing

BUBO Listing is a new approach to an old activity; comparing birding lists. Whilst frowned upon by the more serious-minded, bird listing is as vibrant, active and exciting as ever. Put two birders in a room together and before too long they'll know if the other saw the 2006 Long-billed Murrelet in Devon!

BUBO Listing is an attempt to provide a free, flexible and widely used site for the comparison of birding lists. The more people that use BUBO Listing, the better it will become for all users.

BUBO Listing is an online database similar to ‘Sri Lanka Birds’ which is familiar to Sri Lankan bird watchers. BUBO Listing provides facilities to record bird lists across the globe, simply for any country.

BUBO Listing recently accepted FOGSL checklist (Revised avifaunal list of Sri Lanka) as the official checklist for Sri Lanka.

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Mike Prince said...

Thanks for posting this. One thing I'd like to point out is that BUBO Listing is not intended to do quite the same thing as Sri Lanka Birds, but is intended to be complementary to the various Worldbirds systems. The key differences are that BUBO Listing only requires lists, not all your individual sightings (and so is quick and easy to use) and also uses the most appropriate local taxonomy for wherever you are in the World. Hence the FOGSL list for Sri Lanka, but the entire OBC list for the Oriental region as a whole. It's also intended more to be a bit of fun then have serious conservation value like Sri Lanka birds does!