Monday, June 1, 2009

Capturing birds at the end of migratory period 2008/09

FOGSL conducted another bird ringing session at Bundala National Park from 05th to 09th April 2009 in collaboration of the Department of Wildlife Conservation. As part of the National Bird Ringing Programme, this session was conducted to capture birds at the end of migratory season 2008/09.
Netting sessions for waders were done at the Bundala saltern. Very low numbers of birds and species were observed in and around the saltern during the period since many of the birds have already gone. Total of 92 birds were captured while Little Terns gave the highest account. A total of eight waterbird species including a five wader species were captured. Two Common redshanks which were ringed during the last ringing session in December 2008 were recaptured.
Striated heron, Indian Cormorant, Kentish Plover, Lesser Sandplover, Common Redshank, Little stint, Curlew Sandpiper and Little Tern were the captured species.

A training programme for the officers of the DWC on bird ringing and other related bird studies was conducted. A total of seven participants engaged in the programme during this session. During the training programme a series of lectures and practical components on bird ringing and other field studies were conducted. Participants from the DWC were Mr. Thissa Ariyawansa, Mr. H.A. Premasiri, Mr. H.K. Piyasena, Mr. Mishan Kariyawasam, Mr. M.R.U.D. Perera, Mr. R.J. Kumara and Mr. D.C. Mahanama. Participants from FOGSL for this ringing session were Prof. S.W. Kotagama, Mr. C.D. Kaluthota, Mr. R.A.R. Perera, Mr. Kasun Dayananda, Mr. Sameera Ariyarathna, Mr. Pradeep Suranga, and Mr. Dilshan De Silva.

FOGSL acknowledges all the participants for their difficult task in the field, Mr. W.A.A.D.U. Indrajith (Park Warden, Bundala NP) and his staff for their role to facilitate this session in the Bundala National Park.

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