Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bird Ringing at Horton Plains

Horton Plains National Park is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Sri Lanka because of the misty mountains that surround it and its peculiar wildlife. It is also a popular location for bird watching especially to see highland species. More than 150 bird species are recorded from the Horton plains National Park.

Recently, the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka conducted a training programme on Bird ringing and other bird study techniques to the staff of the Department of Wild Life Conservation on a request made by Mr. Y.G.B. Karunarathna, Park Warden of the Horton Plains National park. Twenty one officers from the Central region participated in this programme. The workshop was held from 29th to 31st May 2008.

The programme was conducted in a participatory manner and included series of lectures, discussions, field practicals and many other activities.

A total of 23 birds represented by seven species were captured during this period. This included four endemic species, namely Sri Lanka Bush Warbler, Sri Lanka White-eye, Sri Lanka Dull Blue Flycatcher and Sri Lanka Yellow –eared Bulbul. Other captured species were Common Tailorbird, Dark fronted Babbler and Eurasian Blackbird.

Chinthaka Kaluthota and Sandun Perera conducted the workshop while Kasun Dayananda, Sarath Sanjeewa and Dayani Rathnayaka assisted them throughout the period.

FOGSL wishes acknowledge Mr. Y.G.B. Karunarathna (Park Warden, Horton Plains NP) for organizing the workshop and providing all the necessary facilities for the participants. Mr. Pathirana and Mr. Dayarathna (Horton Plains NP) helped in many ways to conduct the workshop smoothly. FOGSL also wishes to extend its sincere gratitude to the supporting staff of the park for their active support during the period.

Participants: V.K.G. Nilaweera, B.V.R.I.G. Bandara, Indika De Silva, Sarath Chandrasiri, R.G.R.S. Ranathunga, D.M.S.K. Dissanayake, H.R.D.S. Senanayake, E. Gunadasa, P.G. Chandrapala, Chamath Lakshman, Manoj Vidyaratne, T.P. Dayaratna, W.S. Wijerathna, Chaminda Prasad, Laxman Ranaweera, G.M.T.I. Galapatha, I.G.S. Gunerathne, M.K. Kodithuwakku, C.M. Abeyrathna Banda, H.P. Jayathilak

Photos by Kasun Dayananda.

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