Monday, June 9, 2008

‘Sri Lanka Birds’ in the month of May

Sri Lanka Birds completed sixth months of its successful journey by the end of May. A brief summary of the results obtained during the month of May is given here. A full analysis of the results of the first six months operation of “Sri Lanka Birds” will be published shortly.

Eight new members registered in the Sri Lanka Birds system during the month of May showing its continued growth.

The number of observations for the month of May was 816. Total of 165 species were recorded in the system during this period. Our members were able to record 23 of the 26 definitive endemic species and six of the seven proposed endemic species during the month of May. Only seven species of migratory birds were recorded in this month.

As in previous months, Red-vented Bulbul (21) was the mostly recorded species. Next five mostly recorded species (and number of observations) were Common Myna (18), Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl (17), Spotted Dove (17), Pale billed Flowerpecker (16) and Common Tailorbird (16).

Observations of nesting birds were recorded for only one species in the system during May. Two nesting observations of Black Bulbul were recorded at two different locations in Sinharaja rain forest.

A total of 22 locations were visited during May by our members. Highest number of observations were made at the Sinharaja Kudawa entrance (114) as in the previous months. Sinharaja forest reserve was the most visited area while a total of 225 observations came from four different locations in the reserve.

Current statistics describing the number of field visits, number of observations and bird species, as well as the number of users registered in the system, are displayed on the login page of ‘Sri Lanka Birds’ - .

More functions are introduced to the system during last month giving more freedom and abilities to its users. Some of the new functionalities for users are as follows.

  • if you have a visit in your list added by another user (where you were one of the observers), their username is now shown at the bottom of the screen for that visit
  • there is now a Filter for My Visits to enable you to subset your visits by date and/or location name
  • the record number is shown on all Top 50 reports and Latest News, with the ability to move through the Latest News items
  • Location and Species reports now have a '?' button (as in the latest news page) to enable the whole visit information to be seen
  • more fields have been added to the download options
  • it is essential to provide co-ordinates for new locations (0,0 is no longer allowed). If the new location is difficult to find in google maps, keep the location tag as it is in the map and provide information about the location as much as possible in the notes section. It will help validators to identify the exact location.

We would like to thank all the members for entering their valuable observations into Sri Lanka Birds. We highly appreciate the contributions of members towards conservation of birds through this initiative.

We wish you happy birding.

Administrator of “Sri Lanka Birds”

Field Ornithology Group of sri Lanka

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