Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It is DECEMBER again - the Bird Counting Month..!!

Bird Counting Month is an opportunity for you to pay attention to the birds. In ‘December’ Sri Lanka will be having the peak number of birds as it is middle of the migration season, hence the best time to do this exercise.

Participating for the Bird Counting is simple. What you have to do is to make a list of birds that you have been able to identify in a given location and email the records to fogsl@slt.lk or directly feed the data into "Sri Lanka Birds" database (http://www.worldbirds.org/srilanka). The list should include the date, time, location, weather at the time, the habitat that the bird observation is carried out, and the name and contact details of the observer. You can also include the number of each species seen at the location, so that this number can be used roughly to compare the population next year.

If you participated the Bird Counting last year, do the counting in the same area this year too. The list of birds and numbers can be tallied with the last few years. If the conditions of the counting are same, then yourself can have an assesment of the status of birds in that area.

Pass the message.. Get your friends to join too…!!
For more information on 'how to participate', read the announcement on the 'Bird counting month 2008'.

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