Friday, April 12, 2013

Siyoth- latest issue

Latest issue of the “Siyoth- the journal of Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka” is out. It contains many articles related to Sri Lankan birds, trip reports, photo essays and observations. This 64 page magazine with plentiful color photographs of Sri Lankan birds is a must-read for Sri Lankan nature lovers.

Here are some of the articles published in the latest issue.

·         Return of the Comb duck to Sri Lanka
·         First sight record of the European Roller from Sri Lanka
·         Second sight record of Yellow-rumped Flycatcher from Sri Lanka
·         A possible mass-migration of sea birds, sharks and whales during the summer monsoon
·         Birds on the brink of extinction: Global and the sri Lankan scenarios
·         Rehabilitation and reintroduction of injured birds to the wild
·         A descriptive ethogram for the behaviour of black robin
·         Differential ‘crack’ calls in Sri Lanka Magpie

Contact FOGSL office to order your copy.

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