Friday, October 9, 2009

Bird conservationist Dr. Nigel Collar nominated for the 2010 Indianapolis Prize

BirdLife’s Dr Nigel Collar has been nominated to receive the Indianapolis Prize - the world’s leading award for animal conservation. “I’m honoured to be listed alongside some of the world’s greatest conservationists”, said Dr Collar.

Dr Collar is one of 29 world renowned animal conservationists vying for the prize, and has been nominated for his three decades of groundbreaking fieldwork and research on the world’s birds.

Nigel has served BirdLife as Director of Science and Director of Development, and since 2001 has worked as Leventis Fellow in Conservation Biology.

In addition to receiving the largest individual monetary award for animal conservation in the world of $100,000, the recipient is also awarded the Lilly Medal, an original work of art that signifies the winner’s contributions to conserving some of the world’s most threatened animals.

Read the story here.


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