Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sri Lanka Birds in a successful journey

Sri Lanka Birds was launched on 7th December 2007. Three months has passed giving us opportunity to evaluate the progress of the system.

Information about the Sri Lanka Birds database was disseminated through Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL) and Oriental Bird Club (OBC) egroups. Information was also published in the FOGSL website ( which was launched on the same day with two other web sites. Although we put less effort to publicize the system so far, total of 108 users registered at the end of February (within nearly 3 months) and it is still growing. Registered users are not only from Sri Lanka but also from foreign countries such as Bangladesh, Germany, India, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, UK, and USA.

The number of observations for the first three months (until end of February) reached 5552 while 2089 of them were recorded in year 2008. Total of 268 species were recorded in the system during this period. Our members were able to record all 26 definitive endemic species and 7 proposed endemic species within first three months of the operation of Sri Lanka Birds System. Two endemic species namely Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot and Sri Lanka Jungle fowl, were among the top twenty species. Five mostly recorded birds (and number of observations) were Red vented Bulbul (123), Spotted Dove (106), Common Myna (103), White-bellied Drongo (100), Yellow billed Babbler (99).

A total of 116 locations were entered into the system. Sinharaja forest reserve was the most visited area while the most number of observations also come from the same area. A total of 15 locations had more than 100 observations while ‘Sinharaja Kudawa entrance’ accounted for 514 observations which were the highest for a single location.

Current statistics describing the number of field visits, number of observations and bird species, as well as the number of users registered in the system, are displayed on the login page of ‘Sri Lanka Birds’ - .

We would like to thank all the users for entering their valuable observations into Sri Lanka Birds. We highly appreciate contributions of users towards conservation of birds through this initiative.

We wish you happy birding and a lot of fun using the system.

Administrator of Sri Lanka Birds
Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka